KSRH6 -1 弧焊专用机器人

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型 号: KSRH6 -1 弧焊专用机器人

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◆The flexible installation
◆The excellent accuracy and speed
◆It is easy to operate and programming
工作区域\Operating space
Just a few hours of installing height of debugging,the robot can according to the predetermined cycle time and welding quality into production。The cost benefit is high,operation performance is strong ,has many dvantages of high precision,short path takt time,long life and other integrated pipeline design。Highly compact design,flexible selection of installation or inverse transpose installation,can shorten the cycle time,broaden the scope of appli-cation。The demon-strator intuitive and friendly,and maintenance can be easily performed and arc welding robot programming。Demonstrator vehicles using the PC graphical interface,whether to control the robot or a specific process equipment,the oper-ator has no strange feeling。